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The Pandora Key

"Heitman delivers a thriller with suspense, intelligence, and compassion. —Alafair Burke, author of CLOSE CASE 


Alex Shanahan has never met her partner's ex-wife until the day she walks in and finds Harvey and Rachel locked in a passionate clinch, which is quite the trick since Harvey is in a wheel chair. To say that Alex is surprised would be a vast understatement. Rachel had walked out on Harvey years earlier when he'd been handed his MS diagnosis and hadn't been heard from since. Alex is not a fan.


She's even more annoyed and confused when Harvey asks her to run what sounds like a menial errand for Rachel. She does it for Harvey's sake, but later returns to find that Harvey has vanished. So has Rachel.     


The search for Harvey thrusts Alex into Rachel's world where she finds European mobsters, a rogue private army, fraud and a mystery halfway around the world that no one wants her to solve. The key to unraveling the mystery lies in the darkest corners of Harvey and Rachel's past life together. Finding it could save Harvey's life—and cost Alex her own.