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Hard Landing

At one of the world's busiest airports, the sky is about to fall...

As the new manager of the Majestic Airlines operation at Boston's Logan International Airport, Alex Shanahan expects her fair share of turbulence—but not so much, so soon. Logan Airport is in a state of chaos, with divided loyalties tearing it apart. And hanging over everyone's heads is the mysterious suicide of Alex's predecessor. There are dark secrets at Logan—especially surrounding a fatal plane crash—that could bring down Majestic Airlines and destroy the careers of everyone involved. Secrets that have already claimed lives. And Alex is next.

Parts Unknown

Every business has a dark side.

The death of Alex's friend John McTavish takes her to Miami, where she connects John's murder to the sordid and lucrative business of black-market aircraft parts. In a world where one faulty part can bring down an airline and catastrophe is an acceptable risk, Alex must tread carefully, because every step she takes could be her last.

First Class Killing

Corruption. Deceit. Murder. These skies are far from friendly.

Alex goes undercover as a flight attendant to infiltrate a high-end prostitution ring catering to first-class passengers. But she can't stay hidden in the clouds forever, and when her cover is blown, the turbulence that follows might make this flight her last.

The Pandora Key

Some mysteries should never be solved.

Alex gets dragged into a cold case with international implications when her partner Harvey's shady ex-wife shows up unannounced—and uninvited. Harvey's disappearance thrusts Alex into a world of European mobsters, terrorism, fraud and a mystery halfway around the world that no one wants to solve. Solving the mystery could save Harvey's life—and cost Alex her own.

Boston Noir

Short Story "Exit Interview"